How to kick start your career as a digital marketing manager

We live in a world dominated by social media. If a business isn’t online, it’s as if it doesn’t exist at all and it decreases the credibility of the business. Not all business owners are keen on using social media as it’s can be a difficult strategy. However, you as a millennial or a Gen Z have a big advantage. Becoming a social media manager is a great opportunity for you to contribute to the growth of a business and earn money which can turn into a full time career. So let’s look at what it means to be a digital marketing manager and how to get there.

What does a digital marketing manager’s role entail?

A digital marketing manager is a person who works on the online marketing strategy for a certain business and implements it via social media. The person also tracks the progress of the marketing campaigns, manages the spending and creates content for social media. Simply put, a digital marketer’s main task is to increase the online presence of a firm and, as a result, attract more customers. This job is one of an increasing importance as social media acts a a credibility check of a business and increases the amount of people who know about the business. It’s also a great way to show the values and personality of a business. People often hire digital marketers online as it reduces their costs since they don’t need an office for that person. The other reason is that not all business owners are literate in the area of social media or simply do not have the time to keep up with the latest trends. Hiring a third party is convenient and an investment resulting in increased customers and brand awareness.

Your tasks

The tasks will depend on the complexity of the marketing strategy and what you agree with the business owners. However, the very basics that any digital marketer will need to be able to do is to create engaging and meaningful content for a few basic social media outlets. Instagram and Facebook are must-haves while a TikTok account could also be a big advantage as it gives the greatest ability to reach a large group of people. According to Datareportal there are 800 million active users worldwide. You’ll hit the jackpot if your video goes viral even with a small amount of followers.

On Instagram the most important task would be to create good quality photos of your products and services while also keeping it interesting. Show people enjoying the goods or services your business provides, get testimonials from customers, or use Instagram stories to let customers take over for a period of time. Most importantly, tell the story behind the product or service. Bring it to life. Instagram stories are a great way to get feedback from customers, to show them behind the scenes, host giveaways and many more. Right now, Instagram’s algorithm pushes Reels to the top, so take advantage of that. You can utilise Reels by importing your videos from TikTok!

Facebook is great for announcements and for connecting with customers don’t have an instagram account. It contains contact details so people can message the business easily. The best part about Facebook is that you can set very specific targeted ads. Through Facebook ads you can choose exactly what location, age group, interests and other categories to focus on, meaning that you can easily target your ideal or target clientele. 

TikTok is a great way to spread awareness about the business to a wider audience. TikTok is about having fun and the algorithm likes it when users use trending sounds. It allows you to showcase what the business offers in a creative way. You may do it through sounds and video trends but you can also make more basic videos which explain the business and show different aspects of it. It is very important to use a mix of hashtags which include words that describe your business but also the interests of your clients. However, I wouldn’t suggest using more than 6 hashtags. 

There are five important points:

  1. Discuss the strategy with your employer and make sure they are in line with the posts and that they reflect the values of the company.
  2. Use your expertise from being on social media daily and hop onto trends quickly, this is likely to get your account more attention
  3. Always discuss the ad budget with your employer, the more money spent on ads means more people targeted daily. The amount you will spend will depend on the objectives of the business.
  4. Be consistent, create a posting schedule and don’t miss days, results only come if you post regularly
  5. Try to make the business and content relatable and speak up on important issues when appropriate but again, if it acts as an official statement, run it by your employer before you post it

Resources to learn

If you are a millennial or Gen Z it is very likely that you’ve grown up with social media. You know the apps inside out, are aware of the trends and what’s appropriate for each social media outlet. However, you may be new to digital marketing but that shouldn’t act as a set back. Here are a few free courses that can help you grow your skillset and increase your chance at being successful:

  1. Google Digital Garage: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  2. Future Learn: Create a Social Media Marketing Campaign
  3. HubSpot: Learn eCommerce Marketing and Sell More Online
  4. Facebook Blueprint: The Essential Guide to Facebook Ads

How to approach businesses

 There are 2 main ways to put yourself out to the market and offer your skillset as a digital marketing manager

  1. Create a Fiverr or Upwork account. These websites are platforms for freelancers to offer services. These website are quite popular and therefore competitive. You have to pitch yourself confidently and have something to offer. Be able to show samples of work of how you’ve either grown your social media following or perhaps ask a friend with a business if you could run their accounts for a month for free. You have to make yourself stand out.
  2. Look up your local businesses that don’t have social media accounts or a weak social media presence. Call them or directly go to their office and explain the advantage of having an online presence and explain what you have to offer. If they are uncertain offer to create a week worth of content for free and then make further decisions.

All in all, you have to be willing to be creative and to really put in effort. It’s always easier when you share the values of the business and understand their story and their purpose. Get to know the owners and believe in the cause. Be professional but don’t forget to have fun with it and find your style. It’s always a good idea to increase your skillset as it shows dedication and professionality. Last but not least, be confident. Being a freelancer is hard at first so you really have to put yourself out there and show that you have what it takes to drive the business’ numbers up.

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