Questions to ask in your job interview

The actual interview is crucial, but the process doesn’t end once you’ve answered all the questions. There are countless things for you to learn about the company and right before the end of the interview is a great time to sneak in a few questions. It’s also a great way to show the interviewer that your interest is serious. Here are 6 questions to ask after an interview and a way to follow up after.

1. What is the usual way of measuring and reviewing performance at this company?

Knowing the methods for measuring performance gives you an idea of what to focus on. It is particularly important when it comes to three things: getting bonuses, ranking up in your company and getting good references. This will partially show you what the company values the most in their employees, what they want to see and how they look at people.

2. Which skills of mine do you see as particularly fitting for this company?

Ideally, as an interviewee, you already possess all the skills necessary, excluding the very specific ones you will be taught during the training period. However it’s crucial to see what exactly they’re looking for. Once you get an answer, make sure to improve on the particular skill(s) in order to be the best that you can be at your position and to increase your chances of being promoted. Additionally, attempt to work on other skills similar to the ones given in the answer. The more, the better, but make it relevant. 

3. What are the prospects of growth in this job? / What positions did people rank up to from the position I am currently applying for?

This question is equally as important for the interviewer and interviewee. The person conducting the interview can deduce from the question that you are looking for a longer role, that you are committed and most importantly, you are driven to succeed. There is nothing an employer wants to see more than eager employees who want to do their best. As for the interviewee, the answer should show what career development opportunities there are, whether growth is fast or more level.

4. What do you expect me to accomplish in the first three months of working here?

Working at a new job can often be overwhelming, it can take time to get used to the role and to the new environment. Nevertheless, the first weeks are very important as that’s when people see you the most, observe you and try to create a picture of you in their head. Therefore it’s crucial to know what’s expected of you, complete everything on time and as well as you possibly can. Go the extra mile and show that you are a success-oriented person who wants the best for the company.

5. How would you describe the company culture and what do you enjoy the most about working here?

Arguably, for many people, this might be the most important question to ask. After-all the company you choose to work for will be like your second home. If the company culture doesn’t align with your values, the way you like to work and overall with the way you like things, then working there will wear you down. The company culture will even affect the way you view your job and how well you perform. Understanding what people like the most will help to further understand what the company is like and what it offers to its employees.

6. Is there anything I could further clarify for you?

This is a simple question but often people think that they have answered questions when they haven’t. By asking this, you will also make them subconsciously consider everything you said and possibly memorise things about you. Most importantly, it shows that you are serious about the role and that you didn’t come to the interview just to get a job you don’t care about.

Following up after the interviewIn the evening of or the day after your interview it is always a good idea to send the interviewer a thank-you email. An example of this email could be:

Dear Mr / Ms X,

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me today/yesterday. I appreciate all the insights into the company that you gave me.It was a pleasure to be able to share my background, values, skills and experience with you. I believe that it aligns well with the position of a (position name) at (company name). I am excited about the possible opportunity to work at (company name), it would certainly be a very enriching experience.

Thank you, I hope we will be in touch soon!

Kind Regards,

Your Name

It is not obligatory to ask anything after an interview but it gives off a good impression which is crucial. Choose wisely from these 6 questions, ask according to your interests and priorities but also make it appropriate to the course of the interview. Don’t ask what has already been answered and if possible, try to link it to the interview. Be your professional self and show them the best in you!

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