3 Game Changing Productivity Apps

At face-value, it’s pretty easy to associate the use of technology to the optimisation of productivity, but for…

At face-value, it’s pretty easy to associate the use of technology to the optimisation of productivity, but for me, it has been a recent transition. As an individual who loves (and mostly prefers) the tactile nature of having a notebook or physical journal to write my to-do list on or even make notes for my classes, the idea of moving to more virtual means brought out the cynic in me. But with over a year on some of these apps and softwares, it’s hard not to say that it’s not worth adapting to. So, here are my three top education and productivity app recommendations for secondary school and university students.

#1 – Notion 

This all in one workspace is an entirely compact and customisable software available on both the web and as a desktop app. From note-taking to personal checklists, this app allows you to store and list ideas, study productively and organise your tasks. Using either the provided templates available to you, or building your workspace from scratch, digitising and storing information couldn’t be easier for you as a student. And the cherry on top is that its Personal Pro Plan, designed specifically with university students in mind, is completely free. 

If there’s only one thing you take away from this article, I really do suggest this app because it has genuinely changed my life. I’ve linked some really useful videos if you want to learn, or even use Notion, and I highly recommend giving them a watch.

Learn More About Notion:

Sign Up and Download Notion Here: https://www.notion.so/product

#2 – Todoist 

Todoist is the best virtual checklist making app I’ve personally come across. Not only can you classify your tasks under different projects, you’re also able to automatically add a task to its in-build calendar by setting a due date. Moreover, the app’s very useful ‘Recur’ feature allows for repetitive tasks to be added to the calendar after one parent entry. 

Additionally, like Notion, one account syncs tasks to your laptop, phone and tablet so that it’s always available to you. What’s even more satisfying is the 2-Way Sync feature available between Google Calendar and Todoist itself – this takes organisation and optimisation to a whole new level.

Learn More About and Download Todoist Here: https://todoist.com/home

#3 – Anki

This application is becoming a common recurrence in most of my articles and personally, I still think I’m underselling it. 

This virtual flashcard program not only stores your flashcards, but arranges a spaced repetition algorithm to ensure that your memorisation of the information you’ve entered into the program is as fast and steadfast as it possibly can be. Not only is it free as a desktop app, it also allows you to make flashcards with images, sounds and videos – however you like to study. With concept heavy subjects or modules, this application is something I fundamentally use for memorisation, and it is definitely one of my favourite softwares available to students right now. 

Learn More About Anki:

Download Anki Here: https://apps.ankiweb.net/

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